This is the Year

Climbing_This the Year






The two most important days of the year are, my wife’s birthday and New Year’s Day. It is customary to make a New Year’s resolution, you know, something that you are going to do differently or better going into the year.

In recent years, I haven’t really put much emphasis or effort into my resolutions. However, this year is different. I took time to really asses my life’s path. I came up with five areas that I want to focus on, in 2013.Instead of calling them resolutions, I’m calling them commitments. This year I will focus the following areas:

1. Spirituality

2. Professional Development

3. Health and Fitness

4. Economics Responsibility

5. Personal Growth

For example, my health and fitness commitment for 2013 is to work-out three days a week (running, lifting or yoga). Exercise has always been very important to me. Quite frankly, I am happier when I work-out. Everyone wants to feel happy, but we don’t always make time to do the things that bring happiness or joy to our lives.

If you routinely go an entire day without doing something that makes you happy, then I encourage you to really asses what it is that you are doing, or not doing (Y.O.L.O).  Some of us go weeks, months and maybe years without truly doing something that genuinely makes us happy.

We have to be careful and mindful, because life can pass us by. So what makes you happy? What will your pursuit of happiness look like in 2013 and beyond? If you haven’t come up with a plan yet, then I will leave you with this simple question: “What the hell are you waiting for?”