Spoiled Milk

Until, the philosophy

Which holds one race superior and another inferior

Is finally and permanently 

Discredited and abandoned 

Then everywhere is war.

Bob Marley so eloquently and prophetically sang these lyrics over 40 years ago and they continue to hold truth today; especially in the United States.There is a psycho-emotional  war in America and no one is winning. We are all losing.

Our country was birthed from the womb of violence, fed through the umbilical cord of slavery and it now sucks on the milk of racism. To establish our empire, it was necessary for those privileged generations to remain in power. However, this system is infantile and archaic. Those in power need to relinquish the bosom of prejudice and voluntary ignorance, so that our country can grow— so that we can move forward.

Imagine a grown man, feeding from the breast of his mother for nutrients. He comfortably lays across her lap, cradled and curled in a fetal position. He will receive all he wants from her breast milk and nothing else will matter, because that will be the source of his comfort and security. This is what our country looks like when we have black men and women being slain by a racist criminal “justice” system in 2016. Black people have been an integral part of the building of America going back as far as 400 years and we are still being treated like the “new kids on the block.” America needs to grow up, this is embarrassing and shameful.


He does not feed in public,

He feeds in private.

His racism is not flagrant,

Instead it is veiled,

By policy and the misuse of power and privileges.

Why? Because it is safe.

A baby clutches to this Mother’s breast

and feeds because it is familiar,

it is easy to access,

it is within arms reach,

it requires very little effort.

Who would not wish to remain

in this repose position forever?

But he must move on

and find his own source of food,

of wealth,

of knowledge of the world,

on his own.

Not from the bosom of inequality and injustice.

Just imagine… The greatest nation in the world? Home of the largest incarceration rate of black people on the planet…sucking on the bitter milk of racism until the entire body of our country caves in.


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